Monday, October 14, 2019

2 Jobs, etc

Working two jobs will get ya quick if you haven't done it in awhile lol... So, I'm leaving Clarke's and replacing it with Treasure Bay Casino.  I'll be working in a sports bar call the Den.  I'll be a line cook nights during the week but I'll be there mornings on the weekends.  Thank God I've got a killer manager at my main gig so I'm able to pull this off.  I'm definitely gonna be able to meet bills now as well as help my boo out whenever she needs it.  Other than that things are goin fairly complaints..yet lol

Oh, and I've started writing again!

Sunday, October 6, 2019


Wow...Treasure Bay Casino got back with me really fucking quick...making the decision to drop Clarke's and take Treasure Bay since my boss at The Blind Tiger is willing to work around their schedule too! one know this but he's considering leaving the Blind Tiger...go figure lol kicked Saints won! Hellyeah! They brought the pain in the usual!   ...worked hard today but it was worth it...gotta be up major fn early tomorrow so I won't keep y'all long...have a great night and a good week

That is all...

Late Saturday, early Sunday morn...

The restaurant closed early at 10pm tonight so we got out at a decent time... I've just been chillin here at home since then

...been facebooking and doin the social media crawl like everyone else lol...things have been okay...started a second job so I can get more money...always need more money unfortunately...

Guess we'll see how long I can keep dat up another job offer from Treasure Bay Casino...I think I'm gonna have to leave Clarke's for this one cuz it pays more and it has benefits...we'll see what happens

Anyway, I'm sittin here listening to John Lee Hooker on a late Saturday night and sippin on SoCo...enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Gotta stay reading and praying...

Ugh...had a relapse this week but no matter...God's grace is there when I need it to put me back on my horse so I can continue to move forward...thank you for your mercy and grace Lord; without it we would have no hope.

I'm reading a book called A Different Kind of Hero:  A Guided Journey Through the Bible's Misfits.  It is eye opening and informative; and encouraging.  I'm loving this book...its been helping me. Here's a passage:

Sometimes, choosing to be healthy even in the midst of the poor decisions of those around you is the most powerful weapon against chaos.

So true...definitely real talk! The chapter I read tonight was about Ruth and her relationship with Naomi.  It was very good.  If you can find this book at your local bookstore I suggest you get it!

Friday, September 27, 2019

Had a birthday...

Had a b day on the 21st...turned 48.  Nothing really feels different...everything is still the same.  I feel the same now as I did when I was 38 I guess lol.  The only difference is less responsibilities as my children get older plus I have the less need for "things".  I mean, I didn't get any "physical" gifts and I was okay with that...I guess as you get older you value time with the ones you love more so than getting something from people...must come with age.  You realize that all of that stuff means nothing if you don't have the peeps you love around you and I had that on my b day!

Y'all have a good Friday...ttyl